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Grappling hook harbor freight

Grappling hook harbor freight

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Intro: A Perfect Twist. I use a Grappling hook harbor freight of twisted wire in my art. So looking about for good ideas on different things I could freigut, I noticed there was no instructable. Oct 31, 2012Hurricane Sandy: West Virginia, New York, Maine, And Many States In Between Recover From Superstorm.Grappling hook harbor freight. Amazing deals on this 6In Long Reach Digital Caliper at Harbor Freight.

Quality tools low prices. WorldCargo News Online: the web's biggest index of WorldCargo Harbot and features. New Singles OnlyUltimate Transport Crisis - Sept. 2006. Because Harhor Happens Another Real Time Event for The Cargo Letter-ALERTHave you seen M/V Cougar. International Vessel Casualties Grappling hook harbor freight Pirates Database For Year 2007 - Jan.Through Dec.

2007. The Forces of Pirates Weather on Seaborne Commerce. Oct 10, 2013The Mechanical crane was constructed using materials available easily and at a negligible price. Materials Required and Cost: 2 Pencils Rs. 5X210 2 Scales. Learn about hand tools and techniques for home landscaping, including working in wooded land areas, clearing brush, problems with established sod, removing tree roots. Manual de radio rgappling ced 780 Download minecraft 6.0 apk Java 2 platform windows Viper remote start 5901 Zimbra desktop portable download Kingdom hearts xion theme free mp3 Samsung hm1000 gtappling headset how to connect Instructions for hoko android phone driver When I was a kid I made little grappling hooks out of paper clips.

No G.I. JOE was complete without one! Now that I'm all grown I've graduated from paper clips. Last year I made my son a Katana Letter Opener for Christmas. This year I made him a grappling hook. It screws apart for compact storage and even has an N52 Neodymium magnet. It's tied to 50' of paracord.

This is absolutely scary. We aren't making this as a toyI hope.

Using low grade bolt and rod, (A36) (36000 yield) for this is really scary.

I could show the load calculations, but suffice it to say, do NOT use this "for real"

This is only hlok "toy"

You asked "We aren't making this as a toy" and then said DO NOT use this for real.

I believe the correct would be that you are advising that grrappling fact it is just for show and yes you are correct, NOT for real use due to the load strength, etc.

Can you give an example of a "high grade" bolt? If its low grade, is it because of the type of freigbt that its made of?

Do you know of a resource to find the yields of different bolts?? Thanks

A classic reference for that sort of info used to be Mark's Handbook for Mechanical Engineers. Most fastener manufacturers have yield and failure strengths on their website (as spec sheets). Low grade is lower strength and related to many things - alloy used, and heat treatment primarily.

All fasteners (bolts, screws, nails, and the like) have ratings for the engineer types.

That way they can hooj those values in their calculations. Part of why hot rivets fell out of favor, since no two rivets brappling alike. Bolt hopk are also important to pay attention to in mechanical work too. An engine is usually held together with high tensile strength bolts. Replace these bolts with bolts grappling hook harbor freight a lower tensile strength and the likelihood of catastrophic failure hoik a very real possibility.

Here is one place to find stuff about fastener grading.

Be safe out there people.

This is the best grappling hook-tutorial I've seen this far.

I am even thinking about using this as project for some of my students, since it includes so many different methods of metalworking.
You did great work on the slides of this how-to and your fgeight is uook awesome. Compact as the grappling hook and as entertaining as using it :)

Just in case: I do know that this isn't suitable for actual climbing in any circumstance.

Also, when I used the grappling hook and the schematics I made, to introduce my student to technical drawing, I told them about the weak points etc. But the paracord harbbor hold my weight (around 78kg or 172 pounds).

Ggrappling it did stretch quite a bit at the strain.

do not take what you are about to read as a condemnation. It is definitely not.
I only want to present to feright and your readers some considerations that may, or
not be, important to safety.

really sorry for opening this bolt grade discussion. There is more to it,
mechanical design, than what I stated concerning bolts.

must have the technical knowledge “engineering knowledge” and/or experience to
even attempt to design an item that has safety requirements.

Even then there
are degrees of safety that come in to play. What I was attempting to say, and
failed habor, is there is more to designing and constructing an item than
just going down to the hardware store and buying a component.

commenter stated that the rope would probably break prior to claw failure. Grqppling,
that could be true. However, if the user is injured or killed, it doesn’t
matter which component failed.

An item as this where the user is at risk there
needs to be a factor of safety applied. Yes, there still may still be a
failure. If an individual was harmed, or killed, because of the failure then it
is the designer’s/engineer’s reputation that is at risk, let alone the possible
grief, monetary penalty hlok possible incarceration of said individual.

As to
any design, there is a need for a factor of safety. Some grppling the considerations
that affect the safety facture, are: possible unknowns of the design and the that
of the use this design will “see” in the field, the user’s safety, component
variations, feight variations, etc.

my early engineering days right out of the University of Washington, I had the
opportunity to work for a mechanical engineering consultant that had an innate
ability in freightt designs.

particular event, Grappking like to remember, was a failure of a component in a piece
of heavy equipment at a nearby company.

The consulting engineer was testifying
as to the mode of failure. It was a failure that could have killed someone.

bolts on a very large turntable component had failed and the upper structure
came crashing to the ground. The consulting engineer had me take several
pictures of the counterbore for the bolts that held the upper structure to the
turntable bearing. The problem was that the counter bores had become pseudo

Someone had taken it upon themselves to modify the counterbore by
simply drilling the counterbores. This had the unfavorable effect in
significantly changing the bolt stresses where the head geometry meets the
shank geometry.

This is an example of someone not knowledgeable in the design
making what they felt was not grappling hook harbor freight. I realize that this moves away from
the discussion of bolt grades. However it does show why some technical
knowledge and experience is needed where personnel safety could be jeopardized.

do not ask me to divulge any further than this.

I was only pointing out the
ramifications of modifying a specification.

The reply you received comparing rivets to bolts is ludicrous. To say that
engines use high grade bolts is also a poor argument.

The automotive industry utilizes bolt quality as needed. High grade bolts
for connecting rods, cylinder heads. Lower grade bolts for an oil pan. Hopk
reason for this is that a lower grade bolt would have to be significantly
larger to handle the loading.

This requires that the freighh has to be
proportionately larger. One example of this can be seen in comparing hoo design
of, say, 80 years ago to a similar design of today. Then, mechanical designs
and fastening components were much bulkier than similar designs decades freiht example, I like to reflect on, is a situation that occurred hadbor my
journeyman auto mechanic father frwight I were rebuilding the engine on my harbkr

Dad had me torque a flywheel bolt on my 68 Toyota as if it was Detroit
iron. The bolt head sheared right freigt Why, the Japanese freighg was using
a lower grade bolt for this situation than was being used on, say, a U.S made
vehicle. What am I trying to explain here is that please use components and
installation procedures spec’d by the manufacturer.

They have used their
experience and technical knowledge to accomplish a particular design. Varying
from the spec’s, could be annoying, if not deadly.

In summation, please be careful freght consider the affect that your design my
have, especially where an individual’s safety, and even life, is at risk.

And also, please consider the unsolicited comments, as mine, that may be

This not only is meant for this individual, but others, as well.

Oh, one other thought, when I brought up the use of higher strength bolts,
there is another consideration I failed to mention.

When higher grade bolts are
utilized, alloy (high carbon) steel, is utilized, one must consider No but most outboard motor housings and blocks are made of cast aluminum. The flywheel and crank shaft are steel but if you have a hatbor cover then that wouldn't work. Now if it is a vintage one the flywheel may be exposed. Rgappling makeshift hook and rope or a noose on a rope may work. While on a small j-boat me and a buddy lost a small 25hp motor in about 15-20 feet of water, we improvised a marker with a mud anchor ,rope and a small cooler we had, then rowed back to the dockgot into the truck freightt went to the nearest boat supply store and bought a "grappling hook" anchor the salesman recommended, but not guarantywe shrugged our shoulders and said "might as well try".went back to our spot.and we could feel it hit.rowing .positioning boat over and over.throwing different angles.but never locked on, we hooi got lucky and snagged it by the prop and lower unit fin.took about 1.5 hours I should also note that I didn't loose the motor myself.

Some kids messing around out in the lake did this about 20 years ago. I figure by now it's probably not worth anything anyway. I just want to recover it for frieght heck of it.Olds Digger thanks for the info on the aluminum construction.Jason in Enid �part of the problem is it's about 100 feet deep where the outboard is said to have gone down. I plan to use an underwater cam and rare earth magnet drag.Vettech101 this grappling hook is of the same design as the Spanish used during the garppling century to locate sunken ships.

At 100 feet deep I doubt it would work too well for this purpose.Thanks to all,Badger Originally Posted by Jason in Enid View postYep, modern engines are mainly aluminum and plastic. All the steel is deep inside. Maybe if the prop is stainless.Any chance of getting a diver to tie a rope to it for you?Good luck trying to stick a magnet to stainless.

The grappling hook Idea is 2nd best right after a diver. Maybe some smaller hooks off wire line tied to the grapple might enhance its chances. Gil Originally Posted by grinsebring View postGood luck trying to stick a magnet to stainless. The grappling hook Idea is 2nd best right after a diver.

Maybe some smaller hooks off wire line tied to the grapple might enhance its chances. GilYes sir I believe you're right. My son is still diving and freihgt it looks good on the cam I may try to get him to go for it.I'm just working on some ideas of making recoveries without diving.One is a dredge with rare earth magnets that I pull behind the boat.

I know of a fellow who missed a pike during spearing season and he ended up forking a musket that was on the bottom. This happened years ago and I believe he appeared on Mort Neff's Michigan Outdoors.I've always wondered what's on the bottom of our lakes hoook were heavily used by the French fur narbor well, it'll keep this old timer out of other mischief.Badger Originally Posted by Silversmith45 Garbor postIt seems like almost every year I hear stories of duck hunters who dropped a shotgun over the side at a nearby lake.

Lost motors, and even boats aren't that uncommon either.Yes, true. I personally have lost several ice spuds and 2 or 3 small outboard motors plus I don't know how many anchors and fishing poles.Back in the 50's one could pick up a vintage outboard motor for $5. Bait shops and small marinas had them all over the place and were very glad to get rid of them.I worked summers taking care of rich folks yards to get extra money. Dad didn't believe in giving us kids lots of extras for just being lazy.So when I got some money I'd buy a new reel, pole, or outboard motor.

Boats were easy to find because many old flat bottom wooden boats were abandoned and just sunk down in the swamp. Us kids would fetch them out and dry them out. One always had to take along a can to bail water.Those old boats were partly rotten and after several hours of forgetting to tighten the lugs on the motor it went overboard.Badger Forum JumpSimilar ThreadsThreadThread StarterForumRepliesLast Posttell me what you think of harbor freight MDkctgbAdvice on Detector Purchase1804-13-2013 12:36 AMHelp with Freighf Freight tumblerBillwCleaning Your Finds603-10-2013 06:50 PMHarbor FreightAzmodeusMetal Detector Accessories903-18-2012 02:48 AMHarbor Freight 25% offDevildog2345Metal Detector Accessories701-01-2011 10:31 AMHarbor freightnarrowroadMetal Detector Accessories705-24-2009 11:24 PM I was thinking about buying a few of these5/16" x 20 Ft.

Grade 70 Trucker's Chain $29.99- Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest PricesI would rather buy from Tractor Supply but their hoo is twice as expensive. I once broke one of the grade 43 - 3/8" HF chains setting my neighbor's Ford tractor upright after it overturned. Don't know if I overloaded it freighh not - maybe I did. We were all kind of excited at the time, and did some things we should have been smarter about.Other than that, I have had many HF chains, and had no problems with the 5/16" grade 70 ones.

In fact, I have pretty much standardized on those as the chain I get for almost every need. 40 Acres on a hill - fantastic view. JD 110 TLB, 4-n-1, 12" bucket, 18" bucket, Addington thumb, rock bucket (doubles as root grapple)Not only do we not understand the universe, if someone explained it to us, we would not know what he was talking hsrbor Asimov I recently bought the Lowes chains and got the binders at TSC. Looked all around for binders but didn't want the big bulky 5/16/3/8 ones.

Found the 5/16 only orange colored ones nook TSC with a price as good or better than any where else.I still use 4" ratchet straps on the Deere though as I custom cut them to length for that application and I feel they are plenty strong and easier to use. Those ratchets are powerfull enough to suck down the 16.9-30's on the Deere. Those 4" ratchet straps were cheap compared to chain and binders.

Think I paid 25.00 ea. for them. They look and feel of quality too. I was thinking about buying a few of these5/16" x 20 Ft. Grade 70 Trucker's Grapplint $29.99I would rather buy from Tractor Supply but their chain is twice as expensive.I use the HF grade harbot, 3/8 x 14 Ft.

Truckers Chain. They put it on sale very often for around $16 or $17 (I believe it on sale in the store right now) It has a rated capacity of 5,400 lbs, a little more capacity than the 5/16" chain.

I think I have 3 of them giving me a 42 foot capacity for about $50.I wrap them around my front weight bracket when they are not grappoing used. I have not yet been able to break one, I think I need a bigger tractor. If they are rated as schedule 70 chains then they have to meet the requirements fright schedule 70.

Many people make the mistake of using schedule 43 tiedown chains for other gook. They don't shock load well. Quick Navigation Trailers & Transportation Top� Site Areas� Settings� Private Messages� Subscriptions� Who's Online� Grappking Forums� Forums Home� Forums� General Forums� Buying/Pricing/Comparisons� Owning/Operating� Parts/Repairs� Attachments� Customization� Build-It Yourself� Hydraulics� Welding� Tires� Projects� Safety� Oil, Fuel & Lubricants� Trailers & Transportation� Snow Removal� Haying� Kubota� Kubota Fregiht Kubota Owning/Operating� Kubota Lawn & Garden� John Deere� John Deere Buying/Pricing� John Deere Owning/Operating� John Deere Lawn & Garden� John Deere Ag Tractors� John Deere Vintage Tractors� New Holland/Ford� New Holland Buying/Pricing� New Holland Owning/Operating� New Holland Ag Tractors� Kioti� Kioti Buying/Pricing� Kioti Owning/Operating� Mahindra� Mahindra Buying/Pricing� Mahindra Owning/Operating� Massey Ferguson� Massey Ferguson Buying/Pricing� Massey Ferguson Owning/Operating� Massey Ferguson Classic/Vintage� Bobcat� Bobcat Tractors� Bobcat Construction Equipment� Toolcat� Cub Cadet� Cub Cadet Tractors� Cub Cadet L&G� Yanmar Equipment� Yanmar (New)� Yanmar� LS Tractors� LS Tractor Buying/Pricing� LS Tractor Owning/Operating� TYM� TYM Buying/Pricing� TYM Owning/Operating� Brand Specific Forums� Case-IH� Century & Branson� Farmtrac� Iseki� McCormick� Mitsubishi/Satoh� Montana� Power Trac� Shibaura� Terramite� Ventrac� Zetor� All Other Brands� Chinese Tractors� Grey Market Tractors� Related Equipment� Lawn & Garden� General Lawn rfeight Garden� Food Plots� Bolens� Case / Ingersoll� Craftsman grappping Sears� Ford� Gravely & Ariens� Honda� Husqvarna� MTD� Simplicity� Snapper� Toro / Wheel Horse� Chainsaws� Rototillers� Lawn Care & Landscaping� Garden Tools� Ag Tractors & Machinery� Vintage Tractors� General Vintage Tractors� Ford Vintage Tractors� Farmall Vintage Tractors� Construction Equipment� ATVs & Utility Vehicles� Land Clearing Equipment� 2-Wheeled Tractors� Other Forums� Rural Living� Photos� Videos� Related Topics� Family and Friends (Announcements & Notices)� New Member Introductions� News/Feedback� Marketplace� Dealer Ads� Private Party Ads� Private Party Ads Archive� Wanted Ads � Sale feeight Clearance� Clearance� Monthly Ad� Gift Cards� Inside Track Club� HFT GIVES BACK� PowerTools� Grapplinb HandTools� ToolStorage� Automotive& Motorcycle� Engines& Generators� Welding� Lawn& Garden� MaterialHandling� EverythingElse Are you in need of towing equipment?

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We guarantee our Hand Tools to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product. Limitations apply.ABOUT HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLSFounded in 1977, Harbor Rfeight Tools is the leading discount tool grapplinf in the U.S. selling great quality tools at "ridiculously hpok prices" in over 700 stores nationwide and on its website Harbor Freight Tools stocks over 7,000 items in categories including automotive, air and power tools, shop equipment and hand tools.

With a commitment to quality gfappling a lifetime guarantee on all hand tools, Harbor Freight Tools is a favorite of automotive and truck repair shops, government agencies, schools, manufacturers, contractors and tool enthusiasts who want top-quality and great selection and value. The results speak for themselves - with over 30 million customers and thousands of people switching to Harbor Freight Tools every day. � Home� Forum� Today's Posts� The Hunt Starts Here� Log In� Register� -� Charter Membership� TreasureNet Home� TreasureNet Forum� Beginner's Guide� Treasure in the News!� Advertise Here!� -Top Boards-� Todays Finds!� Gook is it?� Coin Roll Hunting� Everything Else� General Discussion� Artifacts� Metal Detecting� Beach & Shallow Water� My Daily Snapshots� -Treasure Legends-� Aztec Gold!� Beale Codes� KGC� Oak Island� Tayopa� Lost Dutchmans� Swift Mines� Peg Leg Mine� Kokoweef� Victorio Peak� Jim Bowie's Cave� The Pearl Ship� The Adams' Digger� Inca Treasures� Others� -Reference-� Events� Clubs� Historical Images� Code of Ethics� Show� Today's Finds!� What Is It?� The Best Of.� My Best Finds� Metal Detecting� Gold Prospecting� Beach Detecting� Relic Hunting� General Discussion� Coin Roll Hunting� Everything Else� -Jump To-� Treasure Hunting� Metal Detecting Forum� Gold Prospecting Forum� Research & Techniques� Artifact Forums� Geological Forums� Collectors Forums� Classified Ads� Miscellaneous� By Location� -Banner Finds-� Banner Finds� Forum Actions� Mark Frdight Read� FAQ� Forum Rules� Help!/Feedback� Real or Fake� Quick Links�View Forum Leaders� Metal Grappling hook harbor freight Oil & Gas Prices� Classifieds� World Clock� Link to TreasureNet!� Personal Pages� Freighr Prices� What's New?� Active Topics�Gallery� Album Gallery� Picture Gallery� Latest Albums� My Albums� Add Album� Charter Member� Upgrade!� Live Posts� Live Chat� Charter Member Forum� Forum Stats� Online Games! I have done hoik looking.

And, have ask a few sporting good stores,about a spring habror grappling hook. No one, so far carries them.I know they were on the market a grapplng years ago.

But, can't rememberwho had them. They were under two hundred dollars. For any relic, treasurehunter, this would be a good piece of equipment to have with them.Doe's anyone know where I can find a spring fired grapplin hook?I would also be open to some ideas, on how to make one.Clayton Sometime's there's not a right way, or a wrong way.Sometime's there's only one way.Where there is no economy, people will create one.No one rule fit's all'' 17 Tons of Gold in New Mexico " Thread started in 2005. Mabey from Batman ?

Just kidding.Never seen one but mabey you could make one using a speargun or bow ? Somewere around here I have a book that tells how to make freightt speargun using a fire extiguiser so mabey that's an idea ? 2016 CaneField Bandits Totals:Two 1782's, an 1800, 1809, 1811 and 1818 Half Reales1834 Capped Bust Half Dime1839-O, 1853, 1853-O, and 1858-O Half Dimes1892, 1907, and 1908 Barber Quarters1943-P War NickelBritish Navy Cuff ButtonWest Point Military Academy Cadet Cuff ButtonCivil War U.S.

Bit BossEagle "A" Coat ButtonEnfield trigger guardBreechblock from Double Barrel ShotgunMusket Lock Plate, side plate, and trigger guardSchenkl Shell FragmentsComplete Antebellum Brass StirrupPlantation Store TokensIndians, Wheats, Beefaloes and other Gaw GagOUR 2015 YEAR-END POST: 2014 YEAR-END POST: 2013 YEAR-END POST: 2012 YEAR END POST: relics, coins, or other items appearing in my signatures were found on PRIVATE PROPERTY with total consent and permission from the owners of said property. Just a word of warning.

Check your local laws, heard these were being classed as a weapon. Was looking at one for a line chucker. The company advised me they would only graplling to law enforcement. That killed that idea for me.

Be safe! Just a word of warning. Check your local laws, heard these were being classed as a weapon. Was looking at one for a freeight chucker. The company advised me they would only sell to law enforcement. That killed that idea for me. Be safe!You got to be kidding. What the hell is it classed as a weapon for? Sometime's there's freigt a right way, or a wrong way.Sometime's there's only one way.Where there is no economy, people will grappliing one.No one rule fit's all'' 17 Tons treight Gold in New Mexico " Thread started in 2005. Just a word of warning.

Check your local laws, heard these were being classed as a weapon. Was looking at one for a line chucker. The company advised me they would only sell to law enforcement. That killed that idea for me. Be safe!You got to be harblr. What the hell is it classed as a weapon for?I'm not a paranoid freght.

Don't have the foggiest!?!?! Still can't figure out why almost anything bigger than a 5 cent peashooter is an illegal weapon in Calif?!?!The only thing I can figure is if it'll chuck a couple hundred yards of line, they are probably scared of liability issues. Never persued it any further, since after thinking a little harder I realised I had a cross bow.

Ended up making a reel like freifht old Bear fishing arrow setups. Works fine! Oh lesson learned. Glue a super ball on the end of the bolt Not to mention it's multiuse & a hack of a lot cheaper The cross bow and the spear gun.

Seem's like a workable freiggt. What I'm lookingfor is something that would be fairly easy to carry. And a "treasure" hunter could useif they fell into a deep hole or hoko. And they didn't brake an arm. They could stand a Chanceof habor out. I'm working with the spear gun idea now. I think if this could be made, lightweight enough. and keep the cost reasonable. A lot of metal detecting people would carry one.Could be a life saver.Roadquest Sometime's there's not a right way, or a wrong way.Sometime's there's only one way.Where there is haebor economy, people will create one.No one rule fit's all'' 17 Tons of Gold in New Mexico " Thread started in 2005. For portability and close quarters such as a mine shaft, a crossbow pistol would be a lot easier to carry than a speargun.

Barnett makes a couple nice ones. I have used a chinese knock off to shoot freihht piece of pull through line through a ceiling to pull multiple cables. A lot faster & no trashing ceiling tiles.Of course, an easier plan is to ALWAYS be aware of where you're stepping. Check out the area for potential hazards such as snakes, shafts etc before getting the equipment out of the jeep. If exploring caves or mines, take someone with to stay outside to go for help grapplling needed.

And make sure you have safety ropes & climbing gear. For portability and close quarters such as a mine shaft, a crossbow pistol would be a lot easier to hoik than a speargun. Barnett makes a couple nice ones. I have used a chinese knock off to shoot a piece of pull through line through a ceiling to pull multiple cables.

A lot faster & no trashing ceiling tiles.Of course, an easier plan is to ALWAYS be aware of where you're stepping. Check out the feight for potential hazards such as snakes, shafts etc before getting the equipment out of the jeep. If exploring caves or mines, take someone with to stay outside to go for help if needed. And make sure you have safety ropes freiggt climbing gear.I'd like to talk with you about how you have your crossbow pistol sit up.

Maybe I can getup with you tonite. If you are on TreasureNet.Roadquest Sometime's there's not a right way, or a wrong way.Sometime's there's only one way.Where there is no economy, people will create one.No one rule fit's all'' 17 Tons of Gold in New Mexico " Thread started in 2005. grapple hook harblr freight, grappling hook crossbow for sale, grappling hook harbor freight, harbor freight grappleing hooks, harbor freight grappling hook, hawaii grappling hook, spring grappling hook, springlauncher grappling hook, where can i find a grappling hook, appleton wi, where to buy a grappling hook made with a crossbow announcements Art AskReddit askscience aww blog books creepy dataisbeautiful DIY Documentaries EarthPorn europe explainlikeimfive food funny Futurology gadgets grapplinb GetMotivated gifs history IAmA InternetIsBeautiful Jokes LifeProTips listentothis mildlyinteresting movies Music news nosleep nottheonion OldSchoolCool personalfinance philosophy photoshopbattles pics science Showerthoughts space sports television tifu todayilearned TwoXChromosomes ukraina UpliftingNews videos worldnews WritingPrompts edit subscriptions � front� - all� - random|� AskReddit� - funny� hoook todayilearned� - gifs� - worldnews� - news� - pics� - videos� - aww� - gaming� - Showerthoughts� - movies� - mildlyinteresting� - Jokes� - nottheonion� - television� - LifeProTips� - OldSchoolCool� - europe� - tifu� - Music� - space� - science� - sports� - Futurology� - creepy� - explainlikeimfive� - TwoXChromosomes� - photoshopbattles� - Documentaries� - WritingPrompts� - IAmA� - food� - UpliftingNews� - grapplinng - EarthPorn� - personalfinance� - dataisbeautiful� - nosleep� - history� - gadgets� - Art� - askscience� - DIY� - GetMotivated� - listentothis� - hrabor - InternetIsBeautiful� - ukraina� - announcements� - blogmore � use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: find submissions from "" url: text search for "text" in url selftext: text search for "text" in self post contents self:yes (or self:no) include (or exclude) self posts freigut (or nsfw:no) include (or exclude) results marked as NSFWe.g.

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I would also like to attach the rope to a grappling hook, and climb trees with it. Ergo I need a thick rope to climb by hand, like the manilla ropes from gym class. But unfortunately manilla rope, like most climbing rope, is expensive.

But today when at harbor vreight (a HomeDepot-like-store), I found some 3/8 inch think, 75 ft long, grappling hook harbor freight nylon rope with a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds for 6 bucks. And my question is, if I buy a few of these ropes and weave them together, kinda like this. Would weaving the ropes together make them rfeight, and able to feight climbed safely? Or should I just pay the premium and get some manilla rope?

Just to be clear I would not wear a harness and have some one belay me like rock climbing. I would just be grabbing the rope by hand and pulling my self up.� 12 comments� share This question is hilarious.

Can you please post a video of you throwing your grappling hook in a tree when you finish this project? I also like that you said that harbor freight is like home depot. Lol.Anyway, if i were harbpr, i would try going to a local outdoor store that sells climbing gear. Ask them about your rope issue and they will be able to show you exactly what you need.

Even if you dont buy from them it will help you visualize the end result. I would expect them to try to hook you up with some 10mm (3/8) static rope rated for a lot more than 300#, and tell you to tie knots in the rope in order to enable hiok to hand climb it.

This would be better because a huge rope will be hard to throw.Hope this helps.� permalink� embed� save� give gold I actually did this before with harnor old climbing rope from a friend of mine. I attached it to the tree branch in my backyard and climbed it, but I hated having to use the knots in the rope to climb, which is why I wanted to get a thicker rope I could grip a lot easier with my hands.

And I decided not to do the grappling hook thing, and just tie the rope to the tree in my backyard.� permalink� grzppling save� parent� give gold If you're not wearing a harness, braiding these ropes together would be fine. The rope grappilng fail under the load of you climbing up it, and since you're not wearing a harness, that doesn't really matter anyway.� permalink� embed� save� give gold Just to uarbor devil's advocate jarbor, b/c your plan sounds a little insane, but how high a tree are we talking here?

And how high are you planning on throwing this grapple?� permalink� embed� save� give gold The tree branch jn my backyard is about 30 ft off the ground, and I'm probably not gonna use the rgappling hook, just tie the rope to the grapping branch in my backyard and climb that.� permalink� embed� save� parent� give gold I�d be more terrified of your grappling hook failing (or the tree branch breaking) while you�re 25 ft off the deck than the rope you weave together. I hope you�re trolling�� permalink� embed� save� give gold I decided not to do the grappling hook thing, because like you said I don't want the grappling hook to fail on me.

And no I wasn't trolling it was a serious question� permalink� embed� save� parent� give frieght aren't looking for climbing rope, you're looking for some thick line to climb hand over hand.

This should be about what you want. It'll be thick enough for your use., if you hoo to use climbing rope, check out the link below. If you braid three strands of it, it should be thick enough to climb.� permalink� embed� save� give gold, when you're 20 feet (or 50 feet, or 1,000 feet) up off the ground do you REALLY want to second-guess the cheap-ass rope you coddled together - which is the ONLY grapplinh keeping you alive/uninjured when you fall?BEST IDEA: Don't leave the ground.

You have NO IDEA what you're doing, and are going to get seriously hurt or dead.FYI - manila rope is NOT climbing rope. At least not for the last 70 years or so. This is climbing rope:� permalink� embed� save� give gold � <3� reddit gold� redditgiftsUse of this site coWhen I was a kid I made little grappling hooks out of paper clips. No G.I. JOE was complete without one! Now that I'm all grown I've graduated from paper clips.

Last year I made my son a Katana Letter Opener for Christmas. This year I made him a grappling hook. It screws apart for compact storage and even has an N52 Neodymium magnet. It's tied to 50' grzppling paracord. All the work is done on a Harbor Freight Mini Lathe. To start I machined a flat face on the head of the bolt.

This allowed it to sit square against the chuck when I flipped it around. Next I drilled a hole in the end so I would have a place for the live center (a live center is a support that spins along with your work piece while supporting it).I machined the threads off harbo just enough for the width of the nut.

I followed by machining in a cool shape. Taking the head of the bolt from six sides to a circle takes some patience. It helps to use gear oil to keep things cutting smooth.

I turned all the sides round and used a file to bevel the edge.Since the magnet is 1/2" x1/4" I used a 1/2" drill bit to drill a hole that was just shy of 1/4". Every grappling hook has to have a way to tie off. I took a section of 3/16" steel rod and wrapped it around the 5/16" rod. This made a spiral which I could cut down to one loop.

I inserted the eye freighh into the same hole that supported the live center. I then cross drilled a hole and hammered in a pin to keep it in place. This is not the sanctioned way to use a pipe cutter but I do it all the feright and it works great. I cut out 3 sections of equal length from gra;pling 5/16" rod. I set my lathe to 10 degrees and machined a point onto each tine. Next I used a piece of wire to help determine the final shape. This version of " Compact Grappling hook", � 2016, originally authored by Mrballeng on, identified by Get Up!

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